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Recent and Forthcoming Publications

  • “De Plus En Plus,” Miracle Monocle (Fall 2021, Issue 17).
  • “Let Me Be the One You Come Running To,” Pleaides (forthcoming).
  • “Approaching the Solstice, Hard Dark of December,” “Map of Broken Glass,” “I Lie Supine,” “Weeping Cherry,” Tupelo Quarterly (forthcoming).
  • “Egg,” Barrow Street (forthcoming).
  • “The Fire Next Time”:
  • “But Then I Turned Into My Evil Twin: Kindness and Ecstasy”
  • “Samara,” “Gaslight,” and “Summer Solstice: She Wore ‘Imitation of Christ’”                                               
  • “YTDY, TDY: Covid” and “Think like a Horse”
  • “Birthday Walk in Prophetstown,” The Florida Review 45:1 (Spring 2021): 120-125.
  • “Night” (“Nuit”) and “Lime Green ‘Picnic Set'” (“Mobilier-Repas ‘Vert-Fluo’,” in French and English, GMR Online (May 20, 2020).
  • “Ars Domestica” and “How God Is like a Truffle” (“Comme Dieu Est Comme une Truffe”), in French and English, PI Online (Poetry International) (forthcoming).
  • “My Hobby Needed a Hobby” (“Mon Passe-Temps Avait Besoin d’un Passe-Temps”), in French and English,The Laurel Review (forthcoming).
  • “Clownfish,” North American Review (Spring 2020) (finalist, James Hearst Poetry Prize, 2020).
  • “Tablecloth, Turn Outside In” and “All Flakes Are Not Equal,” Indianapolis Review,  Issue 10 (Fall 2019).
  • “Honeycrisp,” Notre Dame Review  47 (Winter/Spring 2019): 95-98.
  • “Notes for the House Sitter: Addendum” and “Derby Party,” Laurel Review 52:1 (Spring 2019): 118-134.
  • “Seed,” Laurel Review 52:2 (Fall 2019): 7-11.
  • “Dental Work/Shiny Object,” GMR Online (Green Mountains Review), April 25, 2019.
  • All Transparent Things Need Thundershirts (book), Two Sylvias Press, as winner of the Wilder Prize (forthcoming, September 2019).
  • “My Hobby Needed a Hobby” (reprinted from Seneca Review), Pushcart Prize Anthology XLIII  (2019): 196-198.
  • “Even More than I Trust the Horse, I Trust the Saddle” and “Under All Things,” Cimarron Review 204 (Summer 2018): 34-38.
  • “Today the Barn Isn’t Getting Lashed with Some Kind of Terrifying or Inconvenient Weather,” Crazyhorse 94 (Fall 2018): 68-75.
  • “Late July” (Editors’ Award Finalist for Poetry), The Florida Review 42:1 (Spring 2018): 36.
  • “Personal Bird” and “Deep Vein Thrombosis,” Diode 11:1 (2018).
  • “My Hobby Needed a Hobby,” Seneca Review 47:2 (Fall 2017): 5-7.
  • “Desert Heart,” The Laurel Review  50:1 (2017): 82-85.